Lean Hybrid Muscle Reloaded Review

What Is Lean Hybrid Muscle Reloaded?

Lean Hybrid Muscle Reloaded is a training program created by respected strength & muscle building coaches Eliott Hulse and Mike Westerdal that focuses on burning fat and gaining muscle at the same time. Not only that, it will improve your physical endurance and functional strength to become a more complete athlete with an aesthetic looking physique. How awesome is that?

Although most fitness professionals think that this is impossible, Eliott and Mike have discovered the best way to build biologically superior muscles that allow you to burn fat faster without compromising maximum muscle gains.

Before we take an in depth look at the Lean Hybrid Muscle program as a whole, we need to understand a few things about muscle fibers and its different types and functions. If you have not watched the video on 2 Strange Methods To Build Lean Muscle Mass & Burn Fat by Elliott Hulse, I strongly encourage you to click the video below.

lean hybrid muscle reloaded video

Different Types Of Muscle Fibers

Type 1 Slow oxidative ( Slow Twitch)

  • High Mitochondria
  • Do not get tired easily
  • Fat Burning
  • Used in intensive aerobic activities like jumping rope, jogging on the treadmill & long distance running.

Type 2 Fast glycolytic ( Fast Twitch)

  • Uses Glycogen (sugar)
  • Low Mitochondria
  • Split ATP very fast
  • Gets tired easily
  • Used in strength & power movements like lifting very heavy weights & explosive jumping

Here is where the Lean Hybrid Muscle comes in

“Super Muscle” Type 3 (aka Type 2c)

  • Fast Twitch with Slow Capacity
  • Builds Muscle & Burn Fat

What exactly is a “Super Muscle” Type 3 Muscle Fiber ?

Type 3 Muscle Fiber is basically built like a Type 2 Muscle Fiber which are thick and large muscle fibers but they also have the capacity to perform like a Type 1 Muscle Fiber which is high in Mitochondria allowing you to perform powerful movements or exercises for a longer period of time burning more fat as they utilize oxygen more efficiently.

Genetic factors may predispose individuals to either have more of Type 1 Muscle Fibers (Marathon runners) or Type 2 Muscle Fibers ( Power Lifter). Therefore how do we stimulate the “Super Muscle” Type 3 Muscle Fiber to burn fat and build muscle at the same time? Well, Elliot has developed the Hybrid Muscle Workouts program to do just that. The workout consists of a combination of resistance cardio with bodybuilding at high intensity.

What Is Included In Lean Hybrid Muscle?

Basic Package

  • Lean Hybrid Muscle Reloaded Training Manual -This is the main manual which explains the science of the “Super Muscle” Type 3 and workouts that allow you to build muscle and burn fat at the same time
  • Lean Hybrid Muscle Reloaded Training Logs -  Printable logs that you can conveniently print and bring a long with you to the gym or anywhere. Videos that show you how to perform the exercises correctly. Watch the video below as Elliott explains how to use this training logs PDF effectively.


  • Hybrid Diet Nutrition Manual – The Hybrid Diet is unique in a sense that it combines the best approach of most popular diet programs out there like intermittent fasting, carb loading etc and are modified and tweaked to go with the Lean Hybrid Muscle Training program. This diet ensures that your body goes into an anabolic state(muscle building) and increase in igf-1(promotes growth) at appropriate times to accelerate fat loss and maximize muscle gains.
  • The Hybrid Diet Meal Plans- Too lazy to plan your own meals? Don’t worry there are 18 different meal plans that are designed for you throughout the whole program

Lean Hybrid Accelerated Success System

lf you are really serious about your fitness goals, Elliott also offers a membership program that gives you full access to personalized, weekly video coaching program and live monthly Q&A with himself and Mike Westerdal. On top of the 4 products that you get in the Basic Package, the Accelerated Success System contains 13 More Bonuses Worth Over $375 for FREE, which is really insane. You can check them out below.

Lean Hybrid Muscle Accelerated Success System


Lean Hybrid Muscle Reloaded Review

The Pros

  • Gives you the foundation to build muscle, lose fat and increase strength and endurance all at once.
  • Lean Hybrid Muscle is a scientifically proven system and is not some rehashed “broscience”. Terms like Type 1,2 and 3 Muscle Fibers may sound intimidating to some, but the actual program is really easy to understand. Elliott and Mike have done a terrific job writing the manual without overwhelming the readers.
  • Lean Hybrid Muscle is a holistic training program as it includes a diet program to go along with it. Often workout programs neglect the diet portion and only focus on the physical training aspects of it. When it comes to dieting, the Lean Hybrid Muscle does not compromise. They have come out with an interesting way of dieting which forgo the traditional long and boring phases of “bulking” & “cutting”. Essentially, the Hybrid Diet advocates the cycling of macro nutrients (Carbohydrates, Proteins & Fats), eating more or less of one or the other during different days forcing the body to burn more fat and build more muscle.
  • No special equipment is needed to follow the training program. You can perform the exercises in the gym or at home with just dumbbells and barbells.
  • Lean Hybrid Muscle is available online for instant download. No need to waste time waiting for shipping delivery.
  • You can read it on your smartphones or Ipad or Android tablets.
  • Lean Hybrid Muscle comes with a 60 day, full money back guarantee. If you do not like it or it did not work for you, you can simply ask for a refund.
  • Great membership program with an active community. Elliott and Mike and the support team answer all my emails promptly.

The Cons

  • This program is not for everyone as it depends on your fitness goals. For example, if you are a power lifter and train just to deadlift 1000 pounds for 1 rep, then this program is definitely not for you.
  • Lean Hybrid Muscle program is hard. Im not going to lie to you, the program is really tough if you are coming from a bodybuilding or strength only program. However after the first 2 weeks or so, your body will adapt to the training routine and you will be fine. Just don’t give up.

Can You Find Lean Hybrid Muscle Reloaded PDFs Online For FREE?

No. I know that some of you are probably going to try and search for the program online for free. But the bad news is, you cannot find the program anywhere online to download for free which is illegal anyways. Lean Hybrid Muscle Reloaded only costs $67 and you can use that information for a lifetime. Besides how many times have you read or download something for free and forgot about it? You are more likely to appreciate the information by investing time and money and putting them into action. Only then you can achieve the desired results.

Should You Buy Lean Hybrid Muscle?

Absolutely, if you want to look good and increase your strength and endurance at the same time. Lean Hybrid Muscle has everything covered from the science behind the program, to the intense workout routine and the easy to follow diet program. As you can see from the picture below, many people who have tried the program have had great success with it. You can also achieve the same results if you commit yourself to the program for 12 weeks or so.

Real Life Proof

Eliott Hulse Wife & Kids

Eliott & Mike are both certified personal trainers and have been featured in many Men’s Fitness Magazines. Eliott also has a very popular youtube channel with thousands of videos and a strong following online. They clearly know what they are talking about unlike some “fitness gurus” who just want to suck your wallet dry. Ready to build Superior Type 3 Muscle Fibers and transform a leaner & stronger version of yourself? Download Lean Hybrid Muscle Reloaded Now.


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